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The site contains a brief introduction to planning support systems (PSS), detailed information on Plan-IT Wyoming PSS projects and links to any related publications.

The Mission of Plan-IT Wyoming is to help Wyoming communities build capacity to benefit from geographic information systems and planning support tools.

What are planning support systems (PSS) ?
PSS are software tools that bring together mapped information about a community (land use, zoning, transportation, water and sewer, telecommunications, environmental constraints, etc...) in a flexible mapping environment where decision makers can focus discussion in a way that allows for a better evaluation of costs, benefits, and impacts of alternative community planning decisions.

How can planning suppport systems help communities with economic development and land use planning?
PSS combine the functionality of mapping programs with the analysis capabilities of spreadsheet applications. Differences between alternative land use scenarios are evaluated and quantified based on indicators that are defined and prioritized by the community. For example:

-What will the difference in cost of community services be if a new business park is located along a major interstate interchange versus a location nearer to the downtown business district?

-How will traffic volume be impacted by alternate housing densities (e.g., dispersed, uniform, clustered) in proposed subdivisions within an urban growth boundary?


UW Effort Helps Land Use Planning in Wyoming Cities, Counties
May 4, 2011 A new University of Wyoming initiative will assist land use development planning in cities and counties throughout Wyoming. More >

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