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Aquifer Protection and Future Land Use
in Albany County, Wyoming










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The Wyoming Community Viz™ Partnership Phase I pilot created and analyzed alternative futures for implementation of a joint city/county aquifer protection plan in Albany County, Wyoming. The CommunityViz™ planning support system software was used to evaluate major environmental, economic and social indicators impacted by three different scenarios: continuation of existing trends, aquifer protection, and density shift. Indicators were compared and contrasted across scenarios. The project resulted in information decision makers can use to direct future development and increased the county’s capacity to use GIS and CommunityViz™ in future planning processes.

Nitrate Graph

Graph Legend

Albany County Development

Map of projected “status quo” development pattern in Albany County, Wyoming with projected nitrate levels under four alternate scenarios


Density Transfer Scenario


3-D view of the density transfer scenario, a development adjacent to the Albany County aquifer protection zone.


The Wyoming Community Viz™ Partnership: Supporting rural land-use planning with technology
From the University of Wyoming College of Agriculture's Reflections magazine. June, 2004.

Using Planning Support Software in Rural Land Use Planning
From the Information Technology Division of the American Planning Association's Infotext magazine. Summer 2004. Issue 80.

Conference Proceedings

ESRI 2003 International User Conference Paper
Lieske, S. et al. 2003. Aquifer Protection and Community Viz™ in Albany County, Wyoming. In: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ESRI User Conference held in San Diego, California, July 2003, by Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. Redlands, California: Environmental Systems Research institute, Inc.

Project Report

Phase I Final Report
Lieske, S.N., S. Mullen, M. Knapp and J.D. Hamerlinck. 2003. Wyoming Community Viz™ Partnership Phase I Pilot: Aquifer Protection and Community Viz™ in Albany County, Wyoming. (Final Report) Laramie, Wyoming: University of Wyoming.

Summary Sheets

Phase I Project Summary

Community Viz™ Case Study

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