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The City of Cheyenne has initiated the process of developing a new comprehensive plan, entitled PlanCheyenne. In conjunction with the development of PlanCheyenne, the City will develop a land use plan composed of physical building blocks for the community, including Neighborhoods, Keystones, Districts, Corridors, and Gateways. The focus of the initial Community Viz™ project will be on gateways that will include land use recommendations and design opportunities.  mmmm

The issue under consideration is the area of the proposed Speer interchange of I-25. As a key interstate gateway in South Cheyenne, the project will demonstrate how the design of interstate interchanges can be influenced by surrounding land uses and development standards.

There are two scenarios under development, "Business as Usual" which demonstrates development as it typically happens along interstate corridors, and "Interstate Commerce Done Well" which proposes land use, traffic flow and aesthetic alternatives.

CommunityViz™ is being used to develop easily interpretable 3D renderings and a series of indicators to evaluate economic and social impacts of the two scenarios.

The City plans to use the proposed Speer Interchange visualizations to facilitate public commentary on the design of gateways that will be incorporated into PlanCheyenne. Once the planning staff is proficient with the Community Viz™ software, it is expected that a similar process could be expanded to other gateways and to the other physical building blocks identified by PlanCheyenne.

Funding for the project has been provided by the Wyoming Business Council, the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Community Foundation.



Map (left) of projected existing preliminary plats including proposed rights of way for the Speer Interchange and photo (right) displaying current conditions with rights of way superimposed. Building