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Aquifer Protection and Future Land Use in Albany County
The Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC) and CommunityViz® collaborated to create and analyze alternative futures for implementation of a joint city/county aquifer protection plan in Albany County, Wyoming. The goal was to evaluate major environmental, economic and social indicators impacted by three different residential development scenarios: continuation of existing trends, aquifer protection, and density shift. project resulted in information decision makers, planners and citizens use to direct future development in the project area and increased the countyís capacity to use GIS and CommunityViz in future planning efforts.

Interchange Development in Cheyenne
WyGISC and the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) quantified impacts to traffic flow and qualitatively evaluated the aesthetic impacts of interchange development and surrounding land use in an area just south of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The project resulted in information and 3D scenes the Cheyenne MPO is using to inform decision makers and facilitate stakeholder discussions in shaping future land use.

3D Land Use and Downtown Parking in Sheridan

Parking requirements can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of a community. WyGISC and the City of Sheridan collaborated to analyze the land-use based minimum parking standards put forth by the City of Sheridan, the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the American Planning Association and the impacts of those standards on the community. By contrasting current parking supply with alternative demand scenarios Sheridan is able to accurately assess its parking needs and plan for a future which maintains the character of the historic downtown and enhances its function as a business and commercial center.

Business Park Site Planning in Worland
WyGISC and the City of Worland used scenario planning techniques to quantitatively evaluate development costs, transportation networks and land use, jobs, housing, residential walk-ability, impervious surface, and flood hazard for a potential business park. 3D scenes were created in order to illustrate examples of good site design which may be incorporated into construction.

Comprehensive Planning in Albany County
WyGISC worked in conjunction with Foresee Consulting, Inc. and Winston Associates Inc., and the Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources in developing a comprehensive plan for the county. Extensive public engagement coupled with technologies such as key-pad polling, gaming and CommunityViz dramatically improves a plannerís ability to demonstrate to participating citizens they are directly influencing planning outcomes. The ability to use these tools effectively to engage a community, realize a common vision and create ownership in the final product resulted in a comprehensive plan with a high degree of community support and a high likelihood the plan will be adopted and implemented.